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Our Lady of Remedies Chapel - Clark Air Base
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Our Lady of Remedies Chapel Clark Air Base history emerged in 1979 when it was Officially declared Philippine Base by the Congress, 13th Air Force is an American Facility within the Philippine Base. In 1979 when Military Base amended, the Philippine established its hold of Clark Air Base and likewise, CABCOM was organized as a counterpart of American in the maintenance of security. General Romeo S Espino the AFP Chief of Staff was the First Base Commander, designated Brigadier General Oscar Alejandro as the Deputy Base Commander act as the Care Taker of the Base. and Rev Fr (CAPT) Rufino Oarga was the first Command Chaplain. All CABCOM personnel was housed at the Lily Hill, a sole Building was used of CABCOM personnel’s offices include the room of place for worship.

On 16 Oct 1982, CABCOM was transferred to Dau Complex, Dau, Mabalacat Pampanga. It was the beginning of the Construction of the Facility use as place Worship; a 20 x 10 meters floor area including the office of Chaplain and Sacristy was set out, facing northward and situated in the center of all facilities. Upon completion, It was named Our Lady of Perpetual Help as the Patroness. This was all done in the Leadership of Gen Fabian Ver as the Commander of CABCOM and BGEN Angel L Mapua as the Deputy Base Commander.

CABCOM Chaplain from 1979-1986 was Fr Rufino V Oarga was succeeded by
Fr Rodolfo T Sanchez from 1986-1989 and was replaced by Fr Delfin T Fredo serving from 1989 -1992.


During the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, The entire Community of CABCOM was totally
changed. It was the morning of 12 June 1991 when the dormant erupted, wherein the walls and sides of the volcano collapsed releasing tons of Pyroclastic materials with the temperature reaching 4,000 “C. This disastrous events, buried the Clark Air Base under tons of Volcanic Debris which cannot consider as a place of habitat all turned as desert-like appearance. On 17 June 1991 a couple of days after the devastating eruption, U.S Personnel started clearing operation for Clark major thoroughfares, trying to restore all communications, power, water facilities and operation buildings.

The clearing stopped when the extension of the Military Base Agreement was rejected by the Philippine Senate. Thus pave the way of lowering the flag of America and replace the Philippine Flag. On 26 November 1996, Clark Air Base was officially turned over to the Philippines and CABCOM is the lead agency to restore, secure and maintain the base for future Government use.


When the Americans left the base, one of the facilities that maintain and preserve by the Philippine Air Force 13th Air Force Chapel One (1) and Two (2). Chaplain Services were manned by Five (5) Personnel and One (1) Civilian Employee. In spite of the apparent scarcity of manpower Chaplain Services, Personnel could able to restore Chapel One (1) which is buried in knee-deep volcanic debris. Fr Delfin Fredo was the first Chaplain to assume the misery of the effect of the devastation of Mount Pinatubo.

On 01 October 1994, during the incumbency of Fr Eustacio S Galindo as Wing Chaplain, the Military Bishop has given special instruction to the Wing Chaplain to create Pastoral Council and take great priority for the creation of Parish Patroness. The same year also, When the council decided to have “Our Lady of Remedies” as the patron saint since November 26 is the Feast Day of the said patroness whose portrait is known to have survived the test of time (wars and calamities). According to the historians, Pope Gregory I sent the portrait of Lady of Remedies. The Council and with the approval of higher authority come up with the decision to make Our Lady of Remedies as the patron saint and subsequently mark November 26 of every year as the feast day of Clark Community.

As the year passed, Our Lady of Remedies Chapel Clark Air Base underwent several renovations especially the roof portion which is the most affected part. The side door was replaced by an iron carved locker; table altar was changed entirely ( from a movable table and carpeted floor into immovable and fix marble table and tile flooring). The halfway putrefied carpet was replaced by white ceramic tiles. This was all done all throughout the efforts of Fr Jerome T Narvasa as incumbent Chaplain. This made the Chapel a demesne of a churchgoer and enviable to the civilian populace.


Church Name: Our Lady of Remedies Chapel
Address: Uwak, Clark Freeport, Mabalacat. [For Map Reference.Click Here]
Province: Pampanga
Denomination: Roman Catholic
Phone Number: (045) 599-2045 loc 6048 / +63906-5729-843
Email address: ourladyofremedieschurch@ymail.com
Facebook Page for Live Streaming: Our Lady of Remedies Chapel Clark Air Base


Monday – Sunday: 8:00AM – 5:00PM



07:30AM – 08:30AM [Tagalog]
09:00AM – 10:00AM [English]
10:30AM – 11:30AM [Baptism]
05:00PM – 06:00PM [English]


06:30AM – 07:00AM


06:30AM – 07:00AM


05:15AM – 06:15AM [Novena & Mass for Our Mother of Perpetual Help]


06:30AM – 07:00AM


06:30AM – 07:00AM


06:30AM – 07:00AM

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